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Table of Contents
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Produces Wool - 340g
How to Obtain To obtain Wool from Sheep, you must shear their coats. You can purchase Shears from Marnie. Sheep will grow in its coat every three days. If you have a high friendship level and the Sheep is happy, then you can shear it every other day.
Friendship Petting the animal, by right-clicking on the animal, will increase the friendship rating. Milking or Shearing also increase the friendship rating, as does eating grass outside. Higher friendship ratings will increase the sale price of the animal and increase the quality and size of the product the animal produces. The maximum friendship is 5. To see the friendship rating, right-click the animal after petting.
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Cost (Gold) 8,000
5 Heart Sale Price 10,400

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Animal Bundle
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  • 1x Large Egg (White). (Chickens)
  • 1x Goat Milk (Large). (Goats. Happy Goats will give you large milk.)
  • 1x Wool. (Sheep, Rabbits)
  • 1x Duck Egg. (Ducks)
Needs 5 items. 1 of each. Cheese Press
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