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Table of Contents
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Produces Void Egg - 65g
How to Obtain To obtain a Void Chicken, you need a Void Egg. This can happen in a few ways. First, a witch may randomly fly over your Chicken Coops at night and leave you with a Void Egg. Second, you can purchase a Void Egg from Krobus in The Sewers or from the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest for 5,000g. After obtaining the Void Egg, place the egg into an Incubator. An Incubator requires the Big Coop. The egg will hatch and you will have a Void Chicken.
Friendship Petting the animal, by right-clicking on the animal, will increase the friendship rating. Milking or Shearing also increase the friendship rating, as does eating grass outside. Higher friendship ratings will increase the sale price of the animal and increase the quality and size of the product the animal produces. The maximum friendship is 5. To see the friendship rating, right-click the animal after petting.
Economics Share
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Cost (Gold)
5 Heart Sale Price 1040

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Rabbit's Foot - 565g Deluxe Coop
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Large Brown Egg - 95g
Animal: Coop Big Coop Coop Duck Egg - 95g
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  • 1x Large Egg (Brown). (Chickens. Happy Chickens will give you large eggs.)
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