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Forest Artifacts

In Stardew Valley, artifacts are items that are found and can be donated to the Museum (rewards are received after certain donation milestones) or sold for gold. Some artifacts are not worth very much and are not valuable outside of donations.

To find Artifacts, you can kill monsters, fish for treasure chests using the fishing rod, using the hoe on dirt in the Skull Cavern and in The Mines, and using the hoe on an Artifact Spot, which is a patch of dirt with worms wiggling out of it.

Click on an artifact name to see more details on where you can find it.
Arrowhead A crudely fashioned point used for hunting. 40
Ancient Doll An ancient doll covered in grime. This doll may have been used as a toy, a decoration, or a prop in some kind of ritual. 60
Elvish Jewelry Dirty but still beautiful. On the side is a flowing script thought by some to be the ancient language of the elves. No Elvish bones have ever been found. 200
Chewing Stick Ancient people chewed on these to keep their teeth clean. 50
Ornamental Fan This exquisute fan most likely belonged to a noblewoman. Historians believe that the valley was a popular sixth-era vacation spot for the wealthy. 300
Ancient Sword It's the remains of an ancient sword. Most of the blade has turned to rust, but the hilt is very finely crafted. 100
Ancient Seed It's a dry old seed from some ancient plant. By all appearances it's long since dead... 5
Prehistoric Tool Some kind of gnarly old digging tool. 50
Bone Flute It's a prehistoric wind instrument carved from an animal's bone. It produces an eerie tone. 100
Prehistoric Handaxe One of the earliest tools employed by humans. This "crude" tool was created by striking one rock with another to form a sharp edge. 50
Ancient Drum It's a drum made from wood and animal skin. It has a low, reverberating tone. 100
Prehistoric Scapula Commonly known as a "shoulder blade"... It's unclear what species it belonged to. 100
Palm Fossil Palm Fossils are relatively common, but this happens to be a particularly well-preserved specimen. 100