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Prehistoric Skull
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Table of Contents
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Description This is definitely a mammalian skull.
Price 100
Location Details Mountain

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Prehistoric Skull
Item: Arch 581.0 Arch 100.0
Prehistoric Handaxe
Item: Arch 120.0 Arch 50.0
Prehistoric Skull
Artifact: Mountain This is definitely a mammalian skull. 100.0 Mountain
Prehistoric Rib
Item: Arch 583.0 Arch 100.0
Prehistoric Scapula
Item: Arch 579.0 Arch 100.0
Prehistoric Vertebra
Item: Arch 584.0 Arch 100.0
Prehistoric Tibia
Item: Arch 580.0 Arch 100.0
Adventurer's Bundle
  • 99x Slime. (Dropped by Slimes in The Mines.)
  • 10x Bat Wing. (Dropped by Bats in The Mines.)
  • 1x Solar Essence. (Dropped by Ghosts, Squid Kids, or Metal Heads in The Mines, dropped by Mummies in the Skull Cavern)
  • 1x Void Essence. (Dropped by Shadow Brutes in The Mines or Serpents in the Skull Cavern)
Needs 2 items. X of each. Small Magnet Ring
Nautilus Shell
Item: Basic 392.0 Basic 120.0
Prehistoric Tool
Item: Arch 115.0 Arch 50.0