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Description Abigail's birthday is on Fall 13.0.
Event Abigail

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Strange Doll
Item: Arch 127.0 Arch 1000.0
Item: Basic 350.0 Basic 150.0
Dye Bundle
  • 1x Red Mushroom. ( Foraging in The Mines, Summer or Fall Foraging in the Secret Woods, The Farm Cave (mushroom option), Tapping a Mushroom Tree)
  • 1x Sea Urchin. ( Beach Foraging, after using 300 wood to fix the bridge to the right side of the beach)
  • 1x Sunflower. (Crops during the Summer and Fall.)
  • 1x Duck Feather. (Produced by ducks in the coop.)
  • 1x Aquamarine. (Can be found in stones and boxes in The Mines.)
  • 1x Red Cabbage. (Summer Crops. You can purchase Red Cabbage Seeds from Pierre's General Store in year 2+.)
Needs 6 items. 1 of each. Seed Maker
Fall Seeds
Item: Seeds 497.0 Seeds 45.0
Field Research Bundle
  • 1x Purple Mushroom. (The Mines, The Farm Cave (mushroom option), Forest Farm Map Foraging in Fall)
  • 1x Nautilus Shell. (By foraging from the beach in the Winter, NOT from the mines/geodes. This is not the Nautilus Fossil artifact.)
  • 1x Chub. (Can be found in the mountain lake and river during all seasons.)
  • 1x Frozen Geode. (Found in the Mines level 40-79.)
Needs 4 items. 1 of each. Recycling Machine
Magma Geode
Item: Basic 537.0 Basic 150.0
Frozen Geode
Item: Basic 536.0 Basic 100.0
Dwarvish Translation Guide
Item: Crafting 326.0 Crafting 50.0
Pale Ale
Item: Basic 303.0 Basic 300.0
Strange Doll
Item: Arch 126.0 Arch 1000.0