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Fire Quartz Item ID Share
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Stardew Valley Item ID Share
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Item ID 82
ID Summary The item ID for Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley is: [82]
Description A glowing red crystal commonly found near hot lava.
Applicable This Stardew Valley cheat works on PC/Mac (Steam), XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
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Selling Price 100
Selling Price Group
How to Spawn Items in Stardew Valley Share
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Spawning Using Animal Name When you buy an animal from Marnie, name it the IDs of the items you would like to spawn. Note that this works only once per animal! To spawn Fire Quartz you would need to name your animal [82]. Be sure to include the brackets [ ] in the name.You can use up to three item IDs per animal. For example, [166][163][688].
Animal Tip Give your animals different names as you cannot use the same name again. You can do this by switching the order of the item IDs. For example [163][166][688] for the second animal OR you can append an extra character, such as a space between the brackets or adding random letters or numbers to the end.
Spawning Using Character Name You can spawn items by naming your character the IDs of the items you would like to spawn. You will receive these items every time you speak to a village that says your name.

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Fire Quartz
Item: Minerals 82.0 Minerals 100.0
Fire Opal
Item: Minerals 565.0 Minerals 350.0
Refined Quartz
Item: Basic 338.0 Basic 50.0
Item: Minerals 80.0 Minerals 25.0
Geologist's Bungle
  • 1x Quartz. (Foraging on all levels of The Mines)
  • 1x Earth Crystal. (Foraging on Levels 1-39 of The Mines, Geodes, drop from Duggies in the Mines (floors 1-29))
  • 1x Frozen Tear. (Foraging on Levels 40-79 of The Mines, Frozen Geodes, drop from Dust Sprites in the Mines (floors 40-80))
  • 1x Fire Quartz. (Foraging on Levels 80-120 of The Mines, Magma Geode, Omni Geode)
Needs 4 items. 1 of each. Omni Geode (5)
Mineral: The Mine, Garbage Can 25.0 A clear crystal commonly found in caves and mines. The Mine, Garbage Can
Fire Opal
Mineral: Magma Geode, Omni Geode 350.0 A rare variety of opal, named for its red spots. Magma Geode, Omni Geode
Fish Stew
Cooking: Crayfish, Mussel, Periwinkle, Tomato Fishing It smells a lot like the sea. Tastes better, though. Crayfish, Mussel, Periwinkle, Tomato 225.0
Fire Quartz
Mineral: The Mines, Fishing Treasure Chest, Panning, Magma Geode, Omni Geode, Garbage Can 100.0 A glowing red crystal commonly found near hot lava. The Mines, Fishing Treasure Chest, Panning, Magma Geode, Omni Geode, Garbage Can
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