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Stardew Valley Item ID Share
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Item ID 348
ID Summary The item ID for Wine in Stardew Valley is: [348]
Description Drink in moderation.
Applicable This Stardew Valley cheat works on PC/Mac (Steam), XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
Stardew Valley Price Share
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Selling Price 400
Selling Price Group
How to Spawn Items in Stardew Valley Share
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Spawning Using Animal Name When you buy an animal from Marnie, name it the IDs of the items you would like to spawn. Note that this works only once per animal! To spawn Wine you would need to name your animal [348]. Be sure to include the brackets [ ] in the name.You can use up to three item IDs per animal. For example, [166][163][688].
Animal Tip Give your animals different names as you cannot use the same name again. You can do this by switching the order of the item IDs. For example [163][166][688] for the second animal OR you can append an extra character, such as a space between the brackets or adding random letters or numbers to the end.
Spawning Using Character Name You can spawn items by naming your character the IDs of the items you would like to spawn. You will receive these items every time you speak to a village that says your name.

Other Items

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Item: Basic 751.0 Basic 0.0
Item: Basic 428.0 Basic 375.0
Spice Berry
Item: Basic 396.0 Basic 80.0
Basic Fertilizer
Item: Basic 368.0 Basic 2.0
Truffle Oil
Item: Basic 432.0 Basic 850.0
Wild Plum
Item: Basic 406.0 Basic 80.0
Item: Basic 282.0 Basic 130.0
Item: Basic 410.0 Basic 20.0
Iridium Bar
Item: Basic 337.0 Basic 1000.0
Item: Basic 676.0 Basic 0.0

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Refined Quartz
Item: Basic 338.0 Basic 50.0
Golden Pumpkin
Item: Basic 373.0 Basic 2500.0
Item: Basic 766.0 Basic 5.0
Oak Resin
Item: Basic 725.0 Basic 150.0
Item: Basic 300.0 Basic 150.0
Cactus Fruit
Item: Basic 90.0 Basic 75.0
Item: Basic 180.0 Basic 25.0
Omni Geode
Item: Basic 749.0 Basic 0.0
Item: Basic 440.0 Basic 270.0
Treasure Hunter
Item: Basic 693.0 Basic 250.0

Other Items

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Item: Basic 262.0 Basic 25.0
Cork Bobber
Item: Basic 695.0 Basic 250.0
Item: Basic 634.0 Basic 50.0
Wild Bait
Item: Basic 774.0 Basic 15.0
Item: Basic 340.0 Basic 200.0
Duck Egg
Item: Basic 442.0 Basic 50.0
Item: Basic 0.0 Basic 0.0
Item: Basic 793.0 Basic 0.0
Pale Ale
Item: Basic 303.0 Basic 300.0
Item: Basic 450.0 Basic 0.0

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Similar Items to Wine Item ID

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Profession: 10.0 Gatherer Foraging 10.0 Gatherer
Ocean Fish Bundle
Reward: Fish Tank Glittering Boulder Removed Warp Totem: Beach (5) Fish Tank Glittering Boulder Removed
Profession: 10.0 Fisher Fishing 10.0 Fisher
Profession: 10.0 Gatherer Foraging 10.0 Gatherer
Profession: 5.0 Foraging 5.0
Adventurer's Bundle
  • 99x Slime. (Dropped by Slimes in The Mines.)
  • 10x Bat Wing. (Dropped by Bats in The Mines.)
  • 1x Solar Essence. (Dropped by Ghosts, Squid Kids, or Metal Heads in The Mines, dropped by Mummies in the Skull Cavern)
  • 1x Void Essence. (Dropped by Shadow Brutes in The Mines or Serpents in the Skull Cavern)
Needs 2 items. X of each. Small Magnet Ring
Sweet Gem Berry
Seed: Fall Unlikely Never Never Fall
Profession: 10.0 Rancher Farming 10.0 Rancher
Exotic Foraging Bundle
  • 1x Coconut. (Found in the desert. Requires Bus Repair Reward from completing the Vault. The bus will take you to the desert.)
  • 1x Cactus. (Fruit Found in the desert. Requires Bus Repair Reward from completing the Vault. The bus will take you to the desert.)
  • 1x Cave Carrot. (The Mines, either smashing boxes or tilling soil)
  • 1x Red Mushroom. (Foraging in The Mines, Summer or Fall Foraging in the Secret Woods, The Farm Cave (mushroom option), Tapping a Mushroom Tree)
  • 1x Purple Mushroom. ( The Mines, The Farm Cave (mushroom option), Forest Farm Map Foraging in Fall)
  • 1x Maple Syrup. (Harvested from maple trees using a tapper.)
  • 1x Oak Resin. (Harvested from oak trees using a tapper.)
  • 1x Pine Tar. (Harvested from pine trees using a tapper.)
  • 1x Morel. (Foraging in the Secret Woods in Spring, The Farm Cave (mushroom option))
Needs 5 items. 1 of each. Autumn's Bounty (5)
Winter 8
Calendar: Festival Winter Festival of Ice Festival Winter